The goal of the Know Thy Neighbor seminar series (KTN) is to foster greater collaboration and mutual awareness among the labs and groups within I&C. With these talks, we hope to promote a better understanding of our respective areas, the problems we are trying to tackle, and ways in which the techniques and advances in one area can benefit the challenges of the others.

Speakers at the KTN are professors and researchers in I&C. As a speaker, your goal is to educate your colleagues about what are the hard problems in your area and expose them to the full breadth of the work you do in your lab. The perfect KTN talk gives the big picture, then dives into what you consider is a tough challenge. Define it in a way that makes it accessible to all your I&C colleagues, not just those familiar with your area. You can also discuss some of the solutions that you or others in your field are working on. At the end, the perfect KTN talk will bring this hard problem back into the context of the big picture.

In order to leave enough time for Q&A, we strictly require that the talks themselves last no longer than 45 minutes, regardless of interruptions.

Many thanks for participating in this effort to understand each other's work.